...of the Strowger Era
Sounds of the Strowger Era
Here we take a listen to some of the sounds of a telephone exchange, which you may have heard, during the Strowger Era.

Photo: An exchange tannoy (Reliance) speaker © LSA May 2012.
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Only a few sounds are available in this section, but in bygone days you could tell how busy an exchange was, by the level and type of noises in the exchange!  Oooh, and don't mention the smell of Oildag, relay coils gently simmering and the arcing of springsets.

The Tannoy

Tannoy speakers were usually found in the corridors or the quieter rooms and the system was used to page engineers or staff so they could attend to faults.

Special Faults
Special Faults
Special Faults were phoned through to a dedicated point, where the engineer on duty could respond and quickly deal with the situation.

Here's a recording of a request from the Manual Board for a 9 99 call trace.

Photo: Special Faults wallboard, telephone, buzzer and docket bins © Light Straw.
Selectors Stepping

Martin writes..."I worked in Pioneer trunk exchange and the ADSN, in Manchester.  When the two exchanges were beginning to die, but were still busy, I recorded 45 minutes of busy Strowger."

Here's a short extract.

Photo: A large trunk exchange.

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