Connected-Earth: Amberley
The Museum and Vehicle Collection
Connected-Earth: Amberley
Connected-Earth: Amberley

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Amberley Working Museum at the Chalk Pits in West Sussex is a partner in BT's Connected-Earth project. The CE Museum at Amberley is home to a collection of historic vehicles which, many years ago, originated from the Telecom Technology Showcase.

connected earth How communication shapes the world. Founded by BT
The Connected-Earth gallery at Amberley Working Museum in West Sussex was officially opened in May 2002 by HRH Prince Michael of Kent. The purpose-built gallery features the most comprehensive exhibition of telecommunications heritage in the UK, and represents a major investment by BT as part of its £6 million Connected-Earth project.

A typical scene within the CE Museum
K6 kiosk, handcart and jointer's tent inside the Connected-Earth Museum at Amberley.
A former mobile exchange trailer
A mobile exchange trailer at Amberley. The serial number is unknown and it contains no equipment.
There are extensive displays of telephones...
There are extensive displays of telephones and ancilliary apparatus, including a Strowger demo unit, together with an historic vehicle collection, making this a must see museum. 
Amberley Museum  
Amberley Working Museum
Amberley Museum is located in the tranquil and picturesque setting of a former chalk pit, with easy road and rail access making it an ideal place for a family day out.
Openreach at Amberley  

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