GPO Connections
Telecom Connections
Here we study some of the many General Post Office themes in the Park with a look at teleprinters, ringing machines, postal history and more...

Photo: Bletchley Park Post Office © LSA July 2007.
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Continuing the British Post Office's connections with the Park.

Bletchley Park Post Office
Telecom Connections
Bletchley Park Post Office, a brief look at its history.

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Photo: Bletchley Park Post Office ©  LSA July 2007.
Telecoms Kit  
Telecoms Kit
Some examples of telecoms kit.

Photo: A G.P.O. bag, field telephone, pole climbing belt and other telecoms kit © LSA July 2007.
The GPO Traffic Office  
GPO Traffic Office
If you were part of the GPO too, then pop along to the GPO Traffic Office, sign up and have a chat, perhaps meet up with old friends and share some of those not so distant memories about your day to day routines.

Photo: The GPO Traffic Office © LSA 1982.

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