Kents Hill Park
Kents Hill Park
After British Telecom vacated Bletchley Park, a new local training centre was established in Milton Keynes at Kent's Hill Park.

Photo: The clock tower reception of Kents Hill Park © LSA August 1996.
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BT's training centre at Kents Hill Park was a residential centre of excellence for delivering management and team member training across the company. The Centre was opened by Rt. Hon. John Patten MP, Secretary of State for Education 13 October 1993.

Kents Hill Park
In quiet, spacious settings, Kents Hill Park. Covered walkways connect most of the training areas within a secure site.

Photo: From afar, the clock tower reception of Kents Hill Park © LSA August 1996.
BT Development and Training
Like some of the later 'Workstyle 2000' buildings it was situated in a landscaped area (on a hill) which made walking around the site somewhat tiresome. However, during my short stay in 1996, the food, services and accommodation were first class.

Brochure: BT Development and Training September 1995.


In line with BT's policy of devolving non-core parts of its business, Kents Hill Park is today run independently.

See Kents Hill Park website for details.

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