23 -The Amusement Park(s) at Butlin's Clacton
The Amusement Parks
Butlin's Clacton orginally had several amusement parks, this one being near to the front gate, but some distance from the chalets. They included a wide variety of rides, swinging boats, roundabouts and rollercoasters, but above all the trains and miniature railways were perhaps the most popular attractions for all of the family.

Photo: Desperate Dan says 'Have fun at Butlins' © 1965 Light Straw Archives.
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The main amusement park opening times were 10:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00. This area housed all of the rides below and many more.

Another train!
Another train! On the Childrens' roundabout.

Photo: Children's roundabout © LSA 1965.
Space rocket ride
In the space rocket.

Photo: Shooting at aliens from the space rocket ride © LSA 1965.
The Gallopers.

Photo: Mum and I on the Gallopers © LSA 1965.
Peter Pan Railway
Peter Pan Railway
The Peter Pan Railway was ideal for both adults and children!

Photo: Butlin's Peter Pan Railway © LSA 1965.
Minic Railway  
Minic Railway
The Minic Railway was just for children.

Photo: Butlin's Minic Railway © LSA 1965.

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