15 - Beach Gate
The Beach
Access to the seafront was via a gate which only a short distance from the playing field, adjacent to the dining halls. On production of your chalet key, you'd be given a pass like the one below, so that you could easily return to the camp.  I think different coloured cards were used on other days as a further check.

Photo: On the beach with Dad © LSA 1965.
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The sandy beach at Clacton was fun and it was only a short walk back to the camp for lunch or tea. Due to costal erosion the sea defences were redeveloped over the years, perhaps leaving more stones and concrete and less sand!

With Butlin's chalet key and badges
This isn't actually the beach gate, but one of several steps from the promenade down to the beach between the camp and Clacton pier..

Photo: On the beach © LSA 1967.
Camp Pass
"This card is issued to all Campers in their own interest as a precaution against trespassers and others wishing to share the entertainment you've paid for.

Will you please surrender this card at the entrance gate upon returning to the camp."

Scan: Camp pass, Not Transferable.
Building sand castles with Mum
Building sand castles with Mum.

Photo: On the beach © LSA 1967.
On the sea wall with Dad
This amusement park and Cafe was on the outskirts of Butlin's Camp.

Photo: On sea wall with Dad © LSA 1960s.
On the sea wall with Dad
By this period the sea wall defences were being improved and repaired by massive sections of stones set into concrete blocks. Each section was postioned by crane and this work was still in progress during our holiday.

Photo: On the sea wall with Dad © LSA 1973.

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