The Playing Fields
The Playing Fields
The childrens' playing area outside the Dining Halls was a popular way to spend time prior to meals.

Photo: Butlin's Clacton in the rocking boat © LSA 1965.
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Outside Gloucester and Kent Dining Halls were the sunken gardens and a grassed playing field. There were slides and roundabouts and a climbing frame. In the photos above can be seen a rocking ship with a slide in the background.

On the fire engine
Fun on the fire engine. 

Photo: On the fire engine © LSA 1965.
On the fire engine
Posing for a picture. 

Photo: Dad and I on the fire engine © LSA 1965.
On the cheese cutter
The Cheese Cutter was 'a long plank suspended at each end which swung lengthways'. I remember that you had to be very careful not to get in the way of these swings. Today, these items are considered as lethal battering rams, with the potential to seriously injure children who walk in front of them and consequently are no longer in use.

Photo: Dad on the Cheese Cutter. My first photo © LSA 1965.
On the climbing frame
On the climbing frame. 

Photo: On the climbing frame © LSA 1967.
In the car park
By 1969, as more campers drove to the camp, extra parking spaces were needed and so the playing fields outside the Dining Halls were tarmaced over. 

Photo: Car park © LSA 1969.
Butlin Beavers' Fire Service
Butlin Beavers' Fire Engine
An unusual and popular attraction was the 'Butlin Beavers' Fire Service' fire engine.

Photo: On the fire engine © LSA 1965.

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