Sunken Gardens
The Sunken Gardens
Between the Boating Lake and the Dining Hall Playing Fields were the Promenade Gardens, otherwise known as the Sunken Gardens.

Postcard: Butlin's Clacton - Promenade Gardens.
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The Dining Halls faced onto the playing fields and towards the sea. When the weather was warm and sunny it was very pleasant, but when it rained, the sea breezes really cut across that corner of the camp. 

The Sunken Gardens
Butlin's Luxury Holiday Camp.

Photo: Brian Ware in the Sunken Gardens 1957 (Courtesy of Jeremy Ware).
The Sunken Gardens, by their nature, sometimes got flooded and the later removal of the canopies from the Dining Hall walkways made meal times very much a case of dodging the rain and the puddles!

Dining Halls and Gardens
Luxury Holiday Camp. Note the canopies over the pathway.

Postcard: Butlin's Clacton - Dining Hall and Gardens.

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