Entertainment at Butlin's Clacton
Entertainment at Butlin's Clacton
Entertainment was lead by the Redcoats and included competitions, events and games during the day. At night, variety shows attracted well-known names of the entertainment world, revue dancers and players as well as magicians, comedians and jugglers.

Butlin holiday photo: Redcoat 'Big John'.
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Butlin's was an activity holiday- there was always lots to see and do. Skating, swimming, films, theatre, discotheque, Donkey Derby, 'It's a Knockout', Bingo, tennis, amusement park rides, Mother and Child competition, Father and Son, Miss She fashion contest, Junior Showtime, The National Talent Contest and much more...

Children from 2 to under 14 years of age could join the Butlin Beaver Club and go hunting for 'Chief Sitting Bull', dress as pirates, go on scavenger hunts, or just simply run around!

In 'Butlinland' boys and girls were known as 'Lads and Lasses' with Redcoat 'Auntie and Uncles.'  

Big John
Sincerely, Big John, TA.

Autograph: Redcoat, 'Big John'.
Dusty and Auntie Evelyn
Happy Day, Dusty '71.
Love and Peace, Auntie Evelyn, Clacton 1971.

Autographs: Redcoats, 'Dusty' and 'Auntie Evelyn'.
Entertainment Programmes
Butlin's entertainment programme 1971 Butlin's Entertainment Programme 1973
Entertainment Programmes.

Scans: Clacton Entertainment Programmes 1971/73.
Glamorous Grandmothers Contest
Glamorous Grandmothers was just one of many fun competitions which took place during a typical week at Butlins.

Scan: Coaster.
One the special attractions of the holiday camp was the nightly revue shows in the Gaiety Theatre. Cabaret acts, comedians, dancing girls, live music all added to the fun and excitement of being on holiday.

Patton Brothers
Jimmy and Brian Patton
It is said that Jimmy & Brian were part of showbiz family of eight who were brought up in Rotherham. Other siblings were, Colin, Barry and Paul. The younger brothers, Paul and Barry grew up to perform as the Harman Brothers, but in 1979 changed the name to the Chuckle Brothers and went on to entertain subsequent generations of children.

Butlin holiday photo: The Patton Brothers, Jimmy and Brian.
More Memories

Barbara Povis writes...

I saw a lot of big name stars there. Cliff Richard, Stanley Baker, Shirley Eaton, Michael Holliday, Arthur Askey, Tommy Trinder, to name just a few. My father ran a tight ship and was reputed to be the best camp controller Butlin's Clacton had. I used to see Billy Butlin occasionally, when he came down to check on things. He was known as "Guv" or "The Governor".

My father had a store of amusing anecdotes that would have filled a book. Unfortunately, he died in 1988. When I finally came back to Clacton after many years, in 1994, (for a visit) I was sad to see the old camp turned into a housing estate. The town is not the same now and all the life seems to have gone out of it, now it's relegated to an "old folk's town".

I have a wonderful store of photographs in my parent's photo albums, showing the camp in its heyday. What fun we had then!

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