Gaiety Theatre
The Gaiety Theatre (stage)
The Gaiety Theatre Stage was host to many a famous act, which included the Redcoat Review.

Postcard: Gaiety Theatre, Milk Bar and Snack Bar.
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Gaiety Theatre

A striking feature of the auditorium was the life size statues of knights on horses at either side of the stage. The sounds of the powerful electronic organ, in the orchestra pit, could often be heard drifting across the chalet lines.

The Patton Brothers
One the special attractions of the holiday camp was the nightly revue shows in the Gaiety Theatre. Cabaret acts, comedians, dancing girls, live music all added to the fun and excitement of being on holiday. Pictured opposite are the Patton Brothers, a comedy duo.

Photo: Jimmy Patton and Brian Patton - The Patton Brothers - A Butlin Holiday Picture.

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