20 - Indoor Pool Building
Indoor Pool Building
In this photo of the sunbathing lawns and outdoor pool, the Indoor Pool Building can be seen in the background. Of note are the clear roof panels which let in the daylight.

The Reception Building including the Crazy Horse Saloon is on the right.

Postcard: Indoor Pool Building.
| EXIT | Indoor Pool Building |

Ground Floor includes: South Seas Bar, Ice Cream Sundae Bar, Photographic Shop, Hairdressing Salons, Ice Cream Kiosk.

Most of the time, the Tannoy would be asking, 'Who wants an ice cream, who wants an ice cream now?!' Great days.
Have a happy holiday at Butlins with Lyons Maid Ice Cream
In the 'Ice Cream Sundae Bar' a large selection of ice cream was available. If they didn't have what you fancied, you could even ask for a combination of ices to suit your taste.

Scan: Lyons Maid Ice Cream.
 First Floor includes: Heated Indoor Pool, Toilets, Changing Rooms, and Discotheque.

Indoor Pool
The indoor pool was located on the upper floor. It was quite unique, as patrons of the ice cream bar below could look through special windows, on the ground floor, and see the swimmers underwater!

Postcard: Indoor Pool.

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