Butlin's Tri-ang Minic Railway at Clacton
Butlin's Minic Railway
The Minic Garden Railway was tucked away in a corner of the Amusement Park at the front of the Camp. Here's brown teddy and I at the front of the Minic train. I think it was early in the day and there was no queue, so the operator sent the train round with just me in it!

Photo: Butlin's Minic Railway © 1965 Light Straw Archives.
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Reduce speed, and whistle...

Amusement Park opening times: 10:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00

Butlin's Camp was such a very large site that it was almost impossible to explore all of the rides during a single week's stay. Saturday was largely occupied with travelling and booking in, leaving just 6 days of fun. The Amusement Park with most of the rides was near to the front gate, while my favourite Miniature Railway was at the opposite end of the Camp. The Miniature Railway only ran during the afternoons, and this area was conveniently located for the beach gate and the Dining Halls.

I remember this as possibly the only ride on the Minic Garden Railway. I think we'd walked past this big shed a few times, but hadn't seen anyone about. On this occasion, my Dad found the operator and I got a front seat 'ticket' as there were no queues of children waiting. 

Butlin's Minic Railway
"Here we go around the track. Why is this seat wet? Ah, the roof's been leaking! Look, you can see the puddles on the concrete. Just behind me is the kiosk (with window) where the operator worked the controls for the power."

Photo: Butlin's Minic Railway © 1965 Light Straw Archives.
Minic Garden Railway

This was modelled on the 'Golden Arrow' locomotive and between 1963-1965, Tri-ang produced a 10¼" miniature garden railway . The 'Tri-ang Minic Narrow-gauge Railway' (TMNR), as it was also known, was manufactured at the Minic factory in Canterbury, Kent.

The Tri-ang/Hornby/Minic branding.


TMNR Visit the official Tri-ang Minic Narrow-gauge Railway at www.tmnr.co.uk/
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