2 - Outdoor Heated Pool
Outdoor Heated Pool
The L-shaped heated outdoor pool and fountain was the main attraction at the front of the Camp.

Postcard: The Outdoor Heated Pool & Reception Building.
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Butlin's Clacton Holiday Camp

The green roof of the Reception Building, complete with neon Butlin's signs at each end was a prominent landmark for the Holiday Camp. When travelling to the Camp by coach, I remember getting excited as the first glimpse of the familiar structure came into view. My holiday had really begun...

Audrey Ware, Butlin's 1957
Audrey and Brian Ware spent their honeymoon at Butlin's in 1957.

In the background, Reception still appears to be the original single storey building.

Photo: Audrey Ware by the fountain, courtesy of Jeremy Ware.
Crazy Horse Saloon  
Butlin's Crazy Horse Saloon
At night the Camp really came alive with all the lights twinkling, transforming the place into another reality...

Scan: Outdoor pool, Reception and Crazy Horse Saloon at night, from Butlinland brochure.
Sunbathing Lawns  
Sunbathing Lawns
The Sunbathing Lawns were adjacent to the outdoor pool, car park and Reception.

Postcard: Sunbathing Lawns.

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