19 - Regency Building
Regency Lounge Bar
Butlin's had themed bars to create many different atmospheres...

Postcard: Regency Lounge Bar.
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Ground Floor includes: Toy Shop, General Shops, Golden Grill, (Holiday Fayre 1971), Chinese Restaurant.

First Floor includes: TV Rooms (BBC and ITV), Regency Bar Lounge, Regency Old Time Ballroom and Fish Restaurant.

Here we see the Regency Lounge Bar, which was upstairs in the Regency Building. I seem to recall that this was one side of the stairs with the Fish Restaurant on the opposite side. These were vast buildings and there was at least two flights of stairs (straight up) to the first floor. There were two sets of stairs, each lead to a different side of the building, such that one time I ended up lost (for a while) on the other side of the chalet lines!

Regency Bar and Ballroom

The Regency Lounge Bar was adjacent to the Ballroom, which included a Hammond organ.

TV Rooms

There were two TV rooms, one for BBC and another for ITV. Those were the days of just two channels, in black and white. The rooms held no more than 20 people each, but the demand from the holidaymakers was not great!

Fish Restaurant

A late fish supper was always a treat, even on holiday.

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