Butlin Beavers
...in all things BE AS EAGER AS A BEAVER
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Scan: Butlin Beavers' Christmas Card.
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Members of the Butlin Beaver Club received a metal pin badge, a sew-on cloth badge, as well as birthday and Christmas cards to remind then to visit Butlin's in the summer.
Butlin Beavers
Butlin Beavers.

Photo: Butlin Beavers' fire engine © LSA 1965.
Butlin Beaver Club Rules
Be kind to dumb animals.
Eager always to help others.
Aim to be clean neat and tidy.
Victory by fair play.
Energetic at work and play.
Respect for parents and all elders.
Butlin Beaver badges
Beaver badges 1964, 1965, 1967 and later.

Butlin Beaver pin-badges.
Butlin Beavers Club
Butlin Beavers Club.

Sew-on badge 1960s.
Butlin Beaver Club
Butlin Beaver Club.

Sew-on badge 1970s.

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