Donkey Derby
Donkey Derby
The Sportsfield was often the focal point for many of the special outdoor competitions held at Butlins. Events on the Sportsfield could be watched at a distance from the first floor Coffee Bar in the Viennese Building.

Photo: Donkey Derby © LSA 1971.
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I took a few photos of the Donkey Derby, though I probably ran off for a ride on the train before the winners were declared.

Donkey Derby 1971
The Redcoats organising the Donkey Derby, as the spectators gather by Beaver Lodge.

Photo: Donkey Derby on the Sportsfield © LSA 1971.
Radio Butlin

Even in 1971, sponsorship and advertising were all part of Radio Butlin's persuasive manner to both inform and encourage the Campers to take part in events and spend more money!

One jingle repeatedly asked "Who wants an ice cream? Who wants an ice cream now?!" It was fun, though the Tannoy did get a little bit intrusive at times.

For the Donkey Derby, it was quite a long announcement...

"This is Radio Butlin calling with a special announcement. At 2.30 this afternoon on the sportsfield we present our Donkey Derby.

There are 6 races with all the fun and excitement of a day at the races with full Tote facilities and a Tote jackpot. Last weeks prize was over £90.00 in cash which can be won for only 10 new pence. And the jackpot tickets are available from the Redcoats. Programmes with the lucky number on, which will be drawn for a free holiday as the prize, are also available.

Please ensure that you have placed the correct half of your Donkey Derby jackpot in the box, which will be provided below the commentary box, before the start of the first race which is 3 o'clock. We can't accept responsibility for any ticket not placed in this box.

Donkey rides for the children are available before and after the race meeting. And the Donkey Derby is sponsored by Benson's superb confectionery. "

Mike Onions
Mike Onions
This zany character was a compere and comendian who worked for a season or two at Clacton.

Photo: Mike Onions (in green pin-striped suit) preparing to compere the Donkey Derby © LSA 1971.

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