The Sportsfield
The Sportsfield
The Sportsfield was often the focal point for many of the special outdoor competitions held at Butlins. Events on the Sportsfield could be watched at a distance from the first floor Coffee Bar in the Viennese Building.

Photo: Marching band © LSA 1969.
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The Sportsfield was bounded by chalets on the left, the Viennese Building in the centre, and the Dining Halls (stores complex) on the right.

Marching Band
It was quite private on the upstairs balconies, except for the daily chalet maid who made up the beds and cleaned.

Photo: Marching Band © LSA 1969.
It's a Knockout
It's a Knockout, Butlin's style.

Photo: It's a Knockout © LSA 1973.
Donkey Derby
The Donkey Derby was one of the highlights of a week at Butlin's in 1971.

Photo: Donkey Derby © LSA 1971.

Roller Skating Rink
The Roller Skating Rink
The Roller Skating Rink with Beaver Lodge in background. Mum was the only one who could skate proficiently! 

Photo: Mum and I with friend © LSA 1969.

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