4 -Tennis Courts
Children's Amusement Park
By 1969 this area had been transformed into tennis courts.

Postcard: Children's Amusement Park, circa 1965.
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Changing Greens

The area of land bounded by the Gaiety Building, chalet lines B-G and H-U, was in 1958 a Green. During the 1960s it had become a Children's Amusement Park, and by 1969 it was used as the Tennis Courts. The Tennis Courts were originally adjacent to the Roller Skating Rink, in the south west of the Camp, but the need for increased car parking lead to the relocation.

Amusement Park

I think the largest ride here was the 'chain-chairs', although as you can see from the postcard, there was also a carousel, and lots of roundabouts for smaller children. This was a very central location, close to Reception.

Peter Pan Railway

This amusement park also had a Peter Pan Railway, and again used cars in the style of steam engines on its track. The route passed through the shrubbery, so at times you could pretend that you weren't in the amusement park, but of course the loud bells could be heard from afar. And you could ride these trains either with or without your parents, so it was fun for all ages.

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