7 - Viennese Building
Viennese Building
The Viennese Building.

Photo: Viennese Building as viewed from the Sportsfield © 1971 Light Straw Archives.
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Viennese Building

Most of the Butlin buildings were of very basic construction and on the outside looked like they could do with renovating as the decor was somewhat faded. The Viennese Building was one such 'big shed', which surprisingly may have been built as late as 1963.

Ground Floor includes: Newsagents, Camp Post Office, Amusements Arcade, and Shop; Blinking Owl Bar.

First Floor includes: Viennese Ballroom, Viennese Coffee Bar and Viennese Bar.

The Viennese Coffee Bar was filled with small tables and chairs and overlooked the Sportsfield.

Blinking Owl Bar

The Blinking Owl Bar was on the ground floor with its entrance via an arcade of the Viennese Building. Home to afternoon bingo sessions; two fat ladies, legs eleven, kelly's eye and more...

Blinking Owl Bar
Nearly all of Butlin's bars had a special theme.

Postcard: Blinking Owl Bar. Note the Hammond organ on stage.
The Original Viennese Building  
The Original Viennese Building
It is thought that the original Viennese Building was demolished and rebuilt as two storeys, possibly at the end of the 1963 season.

Postcard: Children's Playground, Butlin's Clacton.
And Ballroom  
The Viennese Ballroom (as was)
The original Viennese Ballroom.

Postcard: Ballroom, Butlin's Clacton - scan courtesy of A.J. Marriot.
Camp Post Office

Butlin's Holiday Camp Clacton on Sea
Butlin's Clacton even had its own Post Office so that you didn't have to leave the camp to draw cash from your Post Office Savings account or to carry out any important transactions, while you were on holiday!

Scan: Butlin's Clacton, counter stamp,1969.

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