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New Millennium, new partnerships and new ideas...

Ocado was launched in partnership with Waitrose on 23rd January 2002 as an on-line shopping service with doorstep delivery. Be more demanding with Ocado!

Their delivery service may be good, but the choice of name has lead to a range of radio ads which have gone to great lengths to explain that the spelling is OCADO and not ACCARDO or any other variation.

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Voice - overs have ranged from small children to Tom Baker (or sound alike) and now 'The Singing Ocado Man', which is probably the most effective yet, albeit slightly tedious. The words, sung to the tune of the nursery rhyme 'I am the Music Man', are as follows:

I am the Ocado Man:

I am the Ocado Man, I bring groceries through your door into your kitchen.
I won't break or drop a single thing how could you ask for more?

Oca, Oca, Ocado, Ocado, Ocado
Groceries from Waitrose, Oca, Ocado.

Our packers hand pick all your goods carefully, wearing gloves.
Into my van it's put not shoved, it's done with lots of love.

Oca, Oca, Ocado, Ocado, Ocado
Groceries from Waitrose, Oca, Ocado.

I am the Ocado Man with one more thing to say
Type O - C- A - D - O dot com and try us out today.


Image: An early Ocado logo. Note the all-lower-case typeface, so frequently adopted for 21st century companies.

Advertising agency Heresy created Ocado's first campaign, which launched in November 2002 using the strapline: "Be more demanding.".

Heresy, established in 2001, is the Advertising and Direct Marketing arm of Chime Communications plc. "Its founding client was Ocado, the John Lewis Partnership joint venture, which the agency helped create and launch, winning Best Launch of 2002, Best Retail Campaign 2003 and Best Retail and Home Shopping Campaign 2004". Ogilvy & Mather took over as the creative agency for Ocado in March 2004. Starcom Motive won the media planning and buying assignment.

Ocado operates from a state-of-the-art customer fulfillment centre which encompasses 1.2 million square feet over four floors and is located in Hatfield.


In 2011, John Lewis Partnership sold all of its holdings in Ocado as it began to develop its own delivery model of Waitrose.com. In 2013, Ocado is consolidating its expertise as an on-line shopping, warehousing, and delivery agent and has signed a 25 year deal with Morrisons to support and deliver goods from Morrisons.co.uk. Ocado continues its own on-line shopping at Ocado.com and Waitrose has a contract to supply a proportion of own-brand goods to Ocado until 2020.

Ocado's corporate site is at www.ocadogroup.com

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