Faded Decades: 1970s
Faded Decades:1970s
By the 1970s, advertising was becoming more targeted with the use of clever words, phrases and music to sell the innovative products that were emerging into the modern consumer households. Fashion and everyday basics no longer had to be plain and functional, they could be colourful and sophisticated too...

Booklet: Telephones for your home [Post Office PH 1652 (3/70)].
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Following on from the successful moon landing of 1969...

The 1970s were a time of great technologies, innovative designs and lots of concrete buildings and car parks! A time when almost anything was possible. Products were targeted at consumer whims, tempting the shoppers to buy the very latest chic, clever, designs.

Retail Shops and Products

Clarks Shoes

In the 1970s, Clarks produced 'Roller-Trek' shoes with the slogan 'Every step adds momentum'. A somewhat similar shoe was launched in 2009 under the 'Active Air' range. It was named 'Rico Step' and was every much as fun to walk in as the earlier design. Rico-Step was the new Roller-Trek!

See www.clarks.co.uk for their latest 'step' creations.
"An ideal everyday style, this rich brown lace-up comes in full grain leather for a premium look and feel. A naturally-shaped toe follows the foot's natural contours and a plain front creates a classic look. Comfort comes from 'Active Air' cushioning and a soft leather lining."

Diet Pepsi

In the 1975, the first 'one calorie' Diet Pepsi was launched in the UK. The memorable and catchy ad featured a girl on an exercise bike, accompanied by sound effects of her zipping up her tracksuit. The words are, as far as I can make out...

One calorie Diet Pepsi
"You can do it, we can help. One calorie, one calorie, Diet Pepsi can help.

You can do it we can help. You can do it if you want on one calorie, Diet Pepsi can help.

Yes you can if you try, one calorie, Diet Pepsi, one the reason why.

You can do it if you want on one calorie, Diet Pepsi can help.

Great tasting, one calorie Diet Pepsi can help."
alt : Diet Pepsi 1970s.wma  Click the play button for a sound bite. 

[I think the idea was that you could still enjoy your favourite drink, even if you were slimming and counting calories.]

John Collier

Here is the rise and fall of John Collier the 50 bob tailors...

There used to be a chain of tailors called 'John Collier' who used the TV jingle 'John Collier, John Collier, the window to watch'.  The predecessors of John Collier can be traced back to the founding of these manufacturers and retailers:
  • 1876 Baird Group
  • 1894 Alexandre
  • 1895 Centaur Group
  • 1900 Montague Burtons
  • 1905 Prices' 50 Shillings Tailors
In 1950 Prices Tailors was renamed John Collier.

  • 1950 Alexandre forms a partnership with American Armed Forces in Europe.
  • 1971 UDS Tailoring formed from the merger of John Collier and Alexandre.
  • 1982 Management buyout of John Collier and Alexandre.
  • 1986 Burton acquires John Collier and Alexandre.
  • 1988 Centaur Clothes Group takes over the business.
  • 1989 William Baird Plc buys Centaur Clothes and the names changes to Baird Menswear Brands (BMB)
In the 1990s, the new group expands and acquires other brands and exclusivity rights.

  • 1990 Alexandre awarded royal warrants.
  • 1991 Alexandre opens first stores with American Forces in the USA and acquires the Jeff Banks licence.
  • 1992 Debenhams suit exclusivity obtained. Alexandre wins Gold Award for Export.
  • 1994 Arcadia suit exclusivity obtained.
  • 1998 Alexandre Savile Row store opened.
  • 1999 Limehaus and Gibson brands acquired.
In 2000, BMB was subject to a management buyout.

  • 2001 Jeff & Co. collection of mens and ladieswear launched in Sainsbury's. [This was dropped in 2004] Alexandre wins UK fashion export award for the second time. Ozwald Boateng designer concepts introduced.
  • 2004 Baracuta wins export award. Stvdio ladieswear launched. Haggar, Arrow & Elspeth Gibson licences signed.
The details given above are a simply a snapshot of the businesses at key dates and are not intended to fully reflect the complexities of the organisations.

The Baird Group in 2011 can be found at www.bmb-clothing.co.uk/

Richard Shops

Richards Shops are filled with all the pretty things
Soft and lovely pretty things to wear
Hey there pretty girl Make the world a prettier place
Come pretty up
Come buy your clothes at Richards Shops.

[13th April, 2000 - UK retail group Arcadia has announced that it will close two chains with 654 Principles for Men and Richards stores and at a loss of 3,500 jobs - but promises to open 300 new shops.]

Kleenex Boutique

In 1968, Kimberly-Clark introduced the Kleenex Boutique line of facial tissue designed in bright, stylish colors to coordinate with the latest trends. The tissue was packed in a compact, upright box designed to fit into vanities and nightstands.

Verve-y Boutique, 1971 Kleenex Boutique Collection: Hot Pink; Bold Gold; True Blue; Avocado Green. A pretty girl with a soft bubbly voice (accompanied on a piano) gave us another catchy jingle that waxed lyrical to the fact that you could...
Kleenex Boutique Tissues
"Pick up Boutique, Boutique it away, Boutique it-away;  
 Pick up Boutique and Boutique it-away.

 Pick up Boutique, Boutique it away, Boutique it-away;
 Pick up Boutique and Boutique it-away.

 Ah, ah...

"Male Voice Over": 'Clever Kleenex Boutique, two blending colours in each pretty box.'

Pick up Boutique and Boutique it-away."
alt : kleenex_boutique.wav   Click the play button for a sound bite.

Lifebuoy soap (red)

 ...is still available at www.lifebuoy.co.uk

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