Cakes and Biscuits
Cakes and Biscuits
Like most products the branding, colours and packaging of cakes and biscuits have changed over the years, each time to present a fresh image to the discerning consumer.

Image: Jacob's Crackers - Biscuits for Cheese Selection.
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Flake Cakes

Flake Cakes  

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nited Biscuits sold 'Terry's of York' to Kraft Foods in 1993.
On 2nd February 2010, Cadbury became part of Kraft Foods. See

Hovis is a registered trademark of Rank Hovis Ltd. RITZ is a registered trademark of Nabisco, Inc. The 'Jacob's Crackers' logo is a registered trademark of The Jacob's Bakery Ltd (UK) and & Jacob Fruitfield Ltd (Eire). Since September 2004, Jacobs are part of United Biscuits. more.


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