Other Foods
Other Foods
In the 21st century, frozen foods offer a range and quality which far surpasses those of earlier times.

Image: Birds Eye - 'Simply' whole chicken fillets.
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Frozen foods have developed steadily over the decades as the home freezer market has expanded.

Birds Eye

Birds Eye is a well-known producer of frozen foods, for which 'Captain Birdseye' popularised their fish fingers in the UK.

Birds Eye Lemon Pepper Chicken
Birds Eye Lemon Pepper (coated) Chicken to circa 2004.

Birds Eye
During 2004, in the UK, the old Birds Eye logo was phased out.

Birds Eye 'Simply'
From about 2005, the 'Simply' range of 'oven cook from frozen' was introduced, with the new Birds Eye logo.

In 2006 the European operations of Birds Eye were sold by Unilever to Permira.

See www.birdseye.co.uk/ for current product offerings.

 Simply (fish)

"The Simply range, from Birds Eye, combines only the finest ingredients, expertly prepared and perfectly frozen to ensure you get the freshest, highest quality products for mouth-watering meals."

Birds Eye Simply (fish)
 Simply range, (oven bake) wild pink salmon fillets (2005 to date).
Birds Eye Simply (chicken)
 Simply range, (oven bake) chicken fillets (2010 to date).
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