Doctor Who
Faded in Time
"The Doctor? He's always been around. He's part of the very fabric of spacetime in the 20th century, and beyond."

DVD cover: Doctor Who - The Dalek invasion of Earth. The William Hartnell Years 1963-1966.
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Travellers in time and space, part of the very fabric of 20th century Britain!


Why were the (typically 1970s style) series so successful? Although produced as low-budget programmes, the credibility relied upon the viewer having the imagination to believe that such things were entirely plausible, if only in the future. The characters and storylines were carefully developed over the weeks to build the anticipation, hope, and fear which could not otherwise have been created in a single episode.

This old fashioned approach is perhaps lacking in the new Doctor Who, which relies upon short stories and quick action scenes to hold its audience's attention. Such is the modern world where everything happens so quickly and is taken somewhat less seriously. But then who would believe of a 1950s Police Call Box still existing in the year 2005...

The Matt Smith era of Who, with the creative writing of Steven Moffat has revived the intrigue, storytelling and enjoyment of the series.

Verity Lambert was the first producer of...

Doctor Who

Regenerations & Selected Trivia:
BBC AARU Productions
  1. William Hartnell
  2. Patrick Troughton
  3. Jon Pertwee
  4. Tom Baker
  5. Peter Davison
  6. Colin Baker
  7. Sylvester McCoy
  8. Paul McGann (film)
  9. Christopher Eccleston
  10. David Tennant
  11. Matt Smith
  12. Peter Capaldi
  1. Peter Cushing (films)
    • Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965)
    • Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 (1966)

Patrick Troughton (2nd Doctor) 1966 - 1969
The Power of the Daleks
This reconstructed story of 'The Power of the Daleks' explains an important part of the Doctor's history in time and space. The adventure is Patrick Troughton's first, so it explores the period following his regeneration. Although the broadcast episodes are missing from the BBC archives, the original sound and Telesnaps of this MP3 CD combine to make an exciting reminder of the early days of the Daleks.

CD-ROM cover - Doctor Who Reconstructed: The Power of the Daleks.
Isobel and Zoe
With stills from the filming, Isobel Watkins and Zoe Heriot are seen in glorious 1960s colour!

Sally Faulkner later played Hannah Brent in the 1982 BBC TV series Bird of Prey.
Wendy Padbury played Sue Craig in the 1968 Southern TV series Freewheelers.

Doctor Who: The Invasion.

Who is Dr Who?
A wonderfully nostalgic collection of early Doctor Who 'spin-off' recordings featuring Roberta Tovey, Frazer Hines and Jon Pertwee.

CD cover - Who is Dr Who?

The Invasion
First broadcast between 2nd November and 21st December 1968, this DVD reconstructs the missing episodes (1 and 4) with true to character animation, which matches well with the original material and retains the atmosphere of the storyline.

Cosgrove Hall Press Release 21/06/2006 "The unique project used stunning black and white animation, based on the original actors and set designs to fill in the gaps as seamlessly as possible. The end result is a first for both the BBC and Cosgrove Hall bringing the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, back to life in a beautiful broadcast quality animation with restored audio recording of the original transmission."

DVD cover - Doctor Who: The Invasion.

"Having watched Doctor Who since its inception in 1963, it seems that the ninth Doctor's purpose is to reintroduce the series to the under forties. Indeed, the world has moved on since the seventh doctor vanished in 1989. The TARDIS has to remain credible against new technology such as mobile phones and the internet. The new series is very much a 'catch-up' programme to show us that the Doctor can interact with 21st century earth and the legend that almost disappeared without trace, is alive and well."

New Who

On 26th March 2005, Doctor Who returned under the guise of Christopher Eccleston with companion Billie Piper.

The Doctor and Rose
As the 9th Doctor, Chris Eccleston reprived the role as an energetic, fast talking, gadget-geek. And of course, he was fantastic.

Rose says: " I am the Bad Wolf, I create myself..." "...everything must come to dust, all things. The Time War ends."

The Doctor and Rose.
The Doctor and Rose
The 10th Doctor first appeared on Christmas Day 2005 in which Casanova (aka David Tennant) saved the world in his pyjamas!

The Doctor and Rose.
Billie Piper and Matt Smith
In December 2006, 'The Ruby in the Smoke' was a 'Sally Lockhart Mystery' featuring Billie Piper and Matt Smith. 'The Shadow in the North' aired in December 2007.

Billie Piper and Matt Smith.
Matt Smith as The Doctor
On 3rd April 2010 Matt Smith with companion Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) began Series 5 with a carefully crafted storyline which is still unfolding throughout spacetime as the magical journey of the Time Lord continues...

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor.
Matt Smith
Into the Vortex

Steven Moffat's storytelling is at its all time best.

Don't 'Blink' in case you miss an important part of the story!

BBC photo: Amy Pond and The Doctor.
Alex Kingston says "Spoilers" 

BBC photo: Amy Pond, The Doctor and River Song.
Peter Capaldi
Clara Oswald and The 12th Doctor
Peter Capaldi is authoritative, droll and witty.

Doctor: This is Clara, not my assistant, she's some other word...
Clara:  I'm his carer!
Doctor: Yeah, my carer. She cares so I don't have to.

BBC photo: Clara Oswald and The Doctor.
Verity Lambert

Verity Lambert, OBE, television drama producer, was born on 27th November 1935. She died after a long illness on 22nd November 2007, aged 71.

Russell T Davies, then writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, added: "There are a hundred people in Cardiff working on Doctor Who and millions of viewers, in particular many children, who love the programme that Verity helped create. This is her legacy and we will never forget that."
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