B A N K S I D E: Southwark
Bankside, Southwark
Bankside: A study along the Thames.

Photo: Tate Modern © Fynevue March 2012.
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"A brief study of architecture and engineering in the vicinity of the Wobbly Bridge."

Bankside, London, on the river Thames is a locality, but is also home to Tate Modern's art gallery which is housed in the former Bankside Power Station after which this site is named. Here we explore some of the buildings on either side of the riverbank, which are connected by the Millennium Bridge, a 21st century wonder.

Bankside Power Station  
Bankside Power Station
Read the story of Bankside Power Station and its tranformation into Tate Modern art gallery.

Photo: Bankside Power Station/Tate Modern © Fynevue Aug 2015.
The Millennium Bridge  
Millennium Bridge
Wonder at the fascination of the Millennium Bridge.

Photo: Wobbly Bridge © Fynevue Aug 2015.
Bankside, Southwark
Southwark was formed in 1963 from the amalgamation of the old metropolitan boroughs of Southwark, Bermondsey and Camberwell.

Photo: Bankside Lofts © Fynevue Feb 2012.
Southwark has some interesting buildings along the South Bank.

Photo: Southwark: OXO Tower and Millennium Wheel © Fynevue Feb 2012.
And a busker.


Photo: Thames Busker © Fynevue March 2012.

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