The Millennium Bridge 
Check out the Millennium Bridge and wonder at its construction...


Photo: Millennium Bridge © Fynevue Jan 2016.
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The Project

"Another ambitious project for the Millennium was to design and construct London's first pedestrian bridge across the Thames, to effectively link the St Paul's Cathedral area with the new art gallery, and the recently completed Globe Theatre. Winners of this separate competition were a British team of architects, sculptors and engineers; Foster and Partners, Sir Anthony Care and Ove Arup & Partners."

Early Days  
Millennium Bridge
What was a bold idea to guide visitors from St. Paul's Cathedral, across the Thames, to Bankside (now Tate Modern) was disappointingly executed. The new bridge, nicknamed the 'wobbly bridge' because of its tendency to sway when people walked over it, was only open for a short while during the millennium year 2000. 

Photo: Wobbly Bridge © Fynevue Jan 2001.
Tate Modern  
Tate Modern
The Millennium Bridge is the gateway from St. Paul's to Tate Modern, Bankside and Southwark.

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Photo: Tate Modern © Fynevue Jan 2016.
Photo Gallery (4)  
Photo Gallery
Photos of the Wobbly Bridge between Oct 2005 and Jan 2016.

Photo: Millennium Bridge © Fynevue Jan 2016.

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