Under the shadow of the Twin Towers...
On 11th September 2001, the World Trade Center in New York, USA was devastated by a terrorist attack. The south tower collapsed at 13:46 GMT and the north at 14:03 GMT.
 1 World Trade Center
In the Light Straw days of times gone by, the world seemed a safer place. The Cold War produced a sense of security; we knew who threatened the western world, and we had contingencies in place to deal with them. Civil defence with underground bunkers, early warning systems and the support of Uncle Sam. It could all have been over in just 4 minutes, but the Twin Towers symbolised the freedom of the USA and we sheltered under their shadow.

Photo: 1 World Trade Center nearing completion © Ad Meskens 2012.
The Twin Towers
Since 9/11, the shadows have grown much darker and the threats are much longer as they reach out far and wide and none are safe... but don't let this put you off, Light Straw shines brightly through the darkness.

Photo: The Twin Towers, courtesy of Wired New York.
Worls Trade Center twisted metal beams
Twisted metal beams from the external walls of the World Trade Center on display in the Imperial War Museum, London.

Photo: Twisted metal remains from the World Trade Center © LSA August 2014.
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David Childs (Architect): "The tower is an open, welcoming building that both radiates light and is filled with light. Our design team has achieved our goal of creating a great urban place - a building that serves the people who work in it, welcomes those who visit it, and plays an integral and vibrant role in the city that surrounds it."

David Childs of Skidmore Owings and Merill also designed the US 'Worldwide Plaza' (1989), which was documented in the Channel 4 programme 'Dominic and the Skyscraper'.


27th April 2006 - The ground breaking ceremony took place for the Freedom Tower, at 1 World Trade Center.

27th July 2006 - 'Jumbo' I-beams produced at Luxembourg Mill will become columns for massive below-grade structure to support soaring tower'

"Approximately 805 tons of steel are being produced in Luxembourg to create the first 27 "extra-large" steel columns of the Freedom Tower, World Trade Center Developer Larry A. Silverstein, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Executive Director Kenneth J. Ringler Jr. and Tishman Construction Corporation Chairman Daniel R. Tishman announced today. The steel will serve as part of the below-grade structure for the historic Freedom Tower and will be delivered to the World Trade Center site by the end of the year."

1 WTC is a symbolic 1776 feet high to represent the Declaration of Independence which was signed on July 4th of that year. The building is 104 storeys, plus a 400 feet mast structure. One WTC opened on 3rd November 2014.


This new building at 200 Greenwich Street, was designed by Lord Norman Foster of Foster and Partners. Lord Foster also designed the UK's Millennium Bridge.



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